The company was established in the year 1983 with one main goal: to provide reliability by creating an elite service with the cleanest and most modernized techniques that would issue the dominant products of the Egyptian market. Today, our goal is to maintain the standards that have been reached by supplying services that are none comparable with any other.

As development is Alex Transport’s purpose, it is responsible for businesses in regards to logistics, and the transfer of all utilized goods and raw materials from Alexandria and Dekhela Ports in Alexandria, Egypt, to all Beshay Steel factories in Sadat City. The company holds the top machinery that include: cranes, excavators, loaders, grabs (Orange Peel, Bucket and Magnet), forklifts (for fully discharging ships), as well as medium and low voltage electrical panels.

The company also comprises of warehouses to store the goods and products in Alexandria, which are used in overstocking the ships at the same time.

We currently have more than 250 trucks, 5 massive cranes, 20 excavators; these are on the rise on a quarterly basis. Furthermore, the success of these operations are fully owed to 600 dedicated employees who exert the effort needed to constantly be unsurpassed.